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PharaohMoans Syrah 2014

PharaohMoans Syrah 2014

PharaohMoans Syrah 2014

At the beginning of May, during bloom, the weather took a drastic turn, with winds and rains causing the vines to lose the majority of their berries, resulting in significantly smaller yields with high level of fruit concentration. Then, in the middle of July, another storm hit Paso Robles delivering 4 inches of much needed rain just in time for veraison, when the grapes needed water the most. Winery was destined for greatness with harvest right around the corner. They harvested the PharaohMoans Syrah mid-September, as planned. The vineyard is planted in two different terroirs: one from deeper clay-rich soil allowing for stronger tannin structure and the other from shallower hillside limestone, adding freshness to the grapes.

This Syrah is incredibly elegant, the silky tannins coat your mouth with flavors of cassis, dark fruits and some licorice. The bold flavors and incredible structure will allow this wine to age gracefully for 10-15 years. Winery produced only 350 cases.

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Appellation (AVA)
Paso Robles
Central Valley
Wine Color
Regular Bottle - 750ml
Dominating Varietal
100% Syrah

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Exclisive red wine PharaohMoans Syrah 2014 from area Central Valley

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