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Frequently Asked Questions


Do you really have all the wines in stock? 

Absolutely yes! Our stock is full of amazing wines from California. For all wineries what we have in our portfolio we are their official distributors. 

How is possible to have so wide portfolio of California wines? 

It is our passion! We love California wines and we are fully focused just on them. We take care about every wine and winery in our portfolio.  We visit all wineries personally in California every single year (sometimes even more often) and pick the best fo you.

How do you get your wines? 

We take care about every single step from the winery to your table. So we import all the wines from California ourselves, keep them on stock and then ship to you. Everything controlled by us personally.


About your order

How I can make an order? 

Super easy! Just pick what you want to purchase and process an order. If you need step by step instructions, feel free to contact us or visit our How to shop with us site. 

When is my order shipped? 

Same day or tomorrow during business days! We process all orders immediately after receiving your payment and latest in 24 hours during business days your order is shipped.

When I get my order? 

Fast! All orders are shipped from Prague, Czech Republic, EU. So please count 1-6 business days anywhere in EU. Also UK and Switzerland are super easy for us with fast delivery. 

How I can pay my order? 

As you wish! Online secured payment by your card (we are VERIFIED by VISA and MasterCard SecureCode partner), PayPal or wire. 

Are there any additional taxes or fees when I am based in EU country? 

No! Everything what you are paying on our website is just everything what you pay for your order. As everything is shipped from EU country, no additional fees or taxes are applied.

Are there any additional taxes or fees when I am from outside of EU (mainly UK, Switzerland and Norway)? 

It is a little bit more complicated, but really just a bit. At first - your order is automatically with 0% VAT, you pay price without VAT. We ship your order and WE fill in a customs declaration with all information. Your order comes automatically to you with applying of your local VAT which will be charged to you by your local customs. 

Is it possible to return my order? 

We hope you like our wines but in the situation when you want to return your order, just follow our site Right to cancel and we are happy to process everything. 

What to do when I fall in love with your wines? 

Just let us know! And we are happy to deliver you our wines as often as possible!:-)